16 January 2016


I dream of having long lashes, and I have tried several lash serum brands that have not shown any visible results.

One day, a friend of mine introduced me to NutraLuxeLash MD serum. I was pretty skeptical of its effectiveness until she showed me her "new" lashes, which looked naturally long, as if she had lash extensions on.

I quickly jumped at the chance of getting a bottle of NutraLuxeLash MD Serum and started applying it religiously according to the instructions on the bottle.

Two weeks later, I noticed my lashes were slightly longer. I am now in my third month of using the serum, and my lashes have appeared to be dramatically longer, thicker, and fuller.


I no longer need to depend on false lashes to get a dramatic look. I hated wearing fake lashes because it is time-consuming, the application is troublesome, they don't stick well, and my eyes hurt when the glue gets into my eyes.

I can now easily achieve the "false lashes" effect by coating two layers of mascara on my lashes without the burden of fakeness.

So much so that my friends thought I was using fake lashes when I was not. (They tried pulling my lashes to prove their point, and of course, I proved them wrong.)

I am so in love with my lashes now, and I owe it all to NutraLuxeLash MD.


 BEFORE (top) and AFTER (bottom) using NutraLuxeLash MD Serum


This is how my lashes (without mascara) look like after using NUTRALUXE LASH MD for 3 months


With mascara on



Vanessa Tevi, Miss Universe Malaysia 2015

Lately, I've been getting a lot more attention on my eye lashes than usual... I've always counted myself lucky that Mom gave me decently long lashes but ever since I tried @luxelashshop everyone is asking where I got my lash extensions from and they get so surprised when I tell them it's my REAL lashes...!! Really happy with the results of the eyelash serum... Thank you @leeyvonneofficial for the recommendation. It works!! And that picture is WITHOUT any mascara on.. That's how lazy I've become after using the serum

- Natalia, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 (1st runner up), Actress, Singer.

- Shu Yee

- Patricia

Michelle - After 3 months of using Nutra Luxe Lash MD

- Sin Yee

- Charis

Satisfied customer, can be used on eye brows too!